Watch Parties are being used as a way for us to gather for worship as the church during this season.  We have always said that church isn’t a place, it’s the people.  Gathering together is something we are designed to do, but we know it may be a while before it’s safe for us to meet in our building.

So, what is a Watch Party exactly?  Watch Parties are small groups of people – family, friends, or neighbors, who meet together to enjoy the online service together.  Watch Parties can be held in your living room, backyard, driveway, office, or neighborhood clubhouse.  Watch Parties provide an opportunity to be together with other people to worship, take communion, and to connect with one another as the church in small group settings.  It’s that easy!

Because your safety and comfort are extremely important to us, we will share tips and safety guidelines with our Watch Party hosts. Let us know that you’re planning to host a Watch Party by clicking the button below and we’ll be in touch to provide you with resources and encouragement.

Click Here to Host a Watch Party!