Baptism Service
March 24 2019

Are you ready to be baptized?

Join us for CCV’s next baptism service on Sunday, March 24 at 1:00 PM!

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Who should be baptized?

Anyone who is ready to make Jesus the leader and forgiver of their life.

Who will baptize me?

One of CCV’s pastors conducts the baptism service, but we encourage you to consider asking the person who helped you come to faith in Jesus baptize you. The only requirement is the person must be baptized by immersion themselves.

How will I know I’m ready?

If you want to do it, you’re ready! You’re ready when you realize trying to do life on your own isn’t working, and you want to make a fresh start and ask Jesus to lead your life.

What if I was baptized by sprinkling as an infant or an adult?

At CCV we base our beliefs about baptism on what the Bible teaches, not church tradition. When people were baptized in the Bible, it was always by immersion. We recognize that many have been “sprinkled” as children or adults. We want you to be grateful for this foundation your parents laid for you. Baptism by immersion doesn’t invalidate the importance of what parents did for you. It’s simply the next step in your spiritual journey. Immersion is a decision we make for ourselves.

What happens at the Baptism Service?

After the last service, all those being baptized along with family and friends gather near the baptistery area in the main building. If you’re being baptized, we ask you to be baptized in shorts and a t-shirt. We provide a special t-shirt (it’s yours to keep), all you need to bring is shorts and a towel. There are changing rooms near the baptistery for you to use before and after the service.

How Do I Sign Up To Participate?

If you’re ready to be baptized, please sign up HERE. If you have questions, please email Adult Ministries Pastor, Terri Stone at

Baptism services are meaningful and exciting events for our entire church family. This day is an amazing experience for every person who makes the decision!

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