What Is The NextGen Campaign?

The NextGen Campaign is about our church focusing on reaching the next generation like never before, investing our time and financial resources to …

  • Give our children and students the facilities and equipment they need to grow in their faith
  • Reach 500 new children and students in our local area
  • Reach 400 new children and students by planting new churches internationally
  • Double our international child sponsorships from 305 to 610

How will this be accomplished?

Our focus on reaching the next generation will be accomplished in three main ways …

  1. Staff, support, facilities, and equipment investments for both children’s and student ministries
  2. Reaching children and students regionally and internationally through special outreach events and planting new churches with the help of our international missions partners
  3. Strengthening our financial base as a church, ensuring we stay strong and are equipped to accomplish this mission

How can I get involved?

The NextGen Campaign is a three-year financial commitment on the part of our church family, to serve and to give financially to reach the next generation. The campaign began in November 2016 and will end in November 2019. To date, our church family has committed a total of $1,325,364 to this campaign and giving toward this commitment began in mid-November 2016.

If you are interested in being a part of the NextGen Campaign, you can still make a commitment to give by completing and submitting a NextGen Campaign Commitment Form HERE. You may also give to the campaign (many people do!) without making a commitment. Simply indicate the amount of your gift on your offering envelope, write “NextGen” on your check, include “NG” when giving via text, or select “NextGen” from the drop-down menu when giving online or using the mobile app.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

To learn more about the NextGen Campaign, contact Kevin Stone, Executive Pastor of Operations, and NextGen Campaign Director, at kevin@ccvlive.com or (610) 792-0777 extension 208.

How can I get the latest update?

NextGen Campaign updates are done periodically in a number of ways. Most of the time an update video is produced and featured during services on a Sunday morning. The video is also shared on social media and here on our website.

To view the final NextGen Campaign update, click on the button below …

Final NextGen Campaign Update