UPDATED: 4:00 PM Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Dear CCV Family,

I want to bring everyone up to speed on CCV’s reopening plans as well as a couple of important staff changes to help us continue to fulfill our mission as a church.

Let me start with what’s on everyone’s minds…

Reopening Plans

Last week, the President declared churches to be “essential services” and called upon the nation’s governors to allow churches to reopen. While we are so thankful for our President’s support, constitutionally speaking, we are looking to Pennsylvania Governor Wolf to decide when we can begin to assemble together in person and in what capacity.

Given the stringent reopening parameters that our governor has put in place, we have directed our staff to plan for a Sunday, September 6, 2020 reopening.

If Governor Wolf accelerates his timeline, we could be ready to open as soon as June 28. Since this moving target is out of our control, we are simply in “prepare and wait mode.”

“When” we open is not completely in our control, but “how” we reopen is.

To do everything we can to ensure the safety of everyone, please expect the following when we reopen:

  • Staggered and orderly entrance and exit to/from the building.
  • Sanitization of surfaces before and between services.
  • Socially distanced seating in the auditorium.
  • Recommended face coverings.
  • Giving will be done in services through the use of our church app, text-to-give feature, and our giving drop boxes.
  • Communication cards will be replaced by the church app as well.
  • If we reopen in the summer, you will be treated to seeing me wear my sexy shorts (just making sure you’re staying with me so far…).
  • Single-serve communion bread and juice packets will be picked up at the door upon entry.
  • Children’s classes: If we open early in the summer, children will sit with their parents in the main adult services. If we open on or after September 6, we will attempt to model our children’s classes after what will be modeled for us by local school districts in their classrooms. LOTS more information about this aspect of our Sunday morning experience will follow in later communication.
  • Depending upon surveys, which we will send as we get closer, we may need to create a reservation process to help ensure each service can handle the capacity of people wanting to attend.

Online Church Will Continue Even After Reopening!

One of the unexpected positive results of this pandemic is the realization of how effective “doing church online” can be! We’re reaching new people like never before, engaging with people who have been on the sidelines, and finding new ways for people to stay virtually connected while continuing to grow in their faith.

I’m excited to announce that even after we resume in-person services, the newly launched “online campus” will continue for people near and far. That means the exact services being held in person on Sunday morning will be streamed live on both YouTube and CCV’s Facebook page at the same time for people online.

Not only will this allow those who can’t join us in-person to still be vitally connected to our CCV family, but we believe this will become an exciting part of our overall mission’s strategy here and abroad. More on that later.

Lisa Jones Joins Staff July 13 as Groups and Women’s Pastor

Per staff changes, I’m excited to announce that my wife, Lisa Jones, will join our staff in July as our Groups and Women’s Pastor.

Lisa is an ordained Pastor with theological training and served on staff for the first five years of our church. She’s always had a passion for serving in ministry, but in the early years with three small kids (and being my wife!) it wasn’t the right time to continue. Her sense of God’s calling to return has grown stronger every year, so she’s retiring from education early to devote her remaining working years to helping people at CCV become and grow as disciples of Jesus.

Lisa’s expertise gained leading teachers as a principal and the tools acquired from her Doctorate in Educational Leadership make her an ideal person to work with our current Groups and Women’s ministry leaders, and build on and launch new opportunities for our people to connect and grow as disciples. Lisa will report directly to Frank Chiapperino, our Executive Pastor of Ministries.

Terri Stone Becomes Connections Pastor

Lisa’s addition to the staff will allow my dear friend and colleague of 20 years, Terri Stone, to finally have just one job. J

For years now, Terri has been serving in two roles – as our Groups Pastor and our Connections Pastor at CCV. That’s a ton of exhausting work that most people wouldn’t recognize unless you’re watching from behind the scenes. Thank you, Terri, for your incredibly hard work, faithfulness, and friendship, over these years. Terri can now focus on what she’s incredibly gifted at – leading teams of people to help new and existing people connect at CCV!

In her role as Connections Pastor, Terri will serve both our online campus – something she’s very passionate about – as well as our in-person campus in Royersford.

Make sure you reach out and thank Terri and welcome Lisa to our team!

Moving Forward

CCV family, I can’t thank you enough for your faithfulness over these last three months. Your continued participation in attending, connecting, giving, and serving makes it a pure joy to serve as your Pastor.

In a very real sense, we’ve never stopped meeting as a church. It’s just taken a different form.

In everything, we’ve been reminded that God is in control, He is faithful, and He still has a mission for us to accomplish.

I love you all,